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How to purchase

Below is a description of how to shop at Eva's Intimates. You can also read about what to do if you experience problems while shopping.

Check your size

Use the size table to check your size. It is very common to choose the wrong size.

Find products

There are two ways to find products. The first one is to browse through our categories. The second is to search by keywords.

Browse through the categories
Click on a category to the right to list all the products in that category and its subcategories. Then click on a sub category to see all its products. The same product can be included in multiple categories.

Use keywords
If you type in a keyword in the search box on the left then the system will look for products that contain the search word in the product name or product description. Try to search widely.

Add products to the cart

When you find a product you must choose size and color. Not all products are available in variants. The animation below shows a product with options for both size and color.


Fulfil your purchase

Once you have selected all the products you want, click on the "Proceed to checkout". There you have a choice to log in to retrieve your information or enter your details manually. The benefit of logging in (you can register for free at any time) is that you can track your order.

Track your order

If you were logged in when you ordered you can after the completion of your order, check its status.

Products are not saved in my cart

Therefore the products are not saved in your cart

Unable to add products to the shopping cart. This is usually because of "session cookies" is not enabled in your browser. You need to allow "session cookies" in order to be able to shop in our online store.

How to correct this

Internet Explorer 5 (or 5.x)


Internet Explorer 6 (or 6.x)




What are session cookies and are they dangerous?

What is session cookie?
Session cookie is a way for your computer to communicate with a web site, including www.evasunderklader.se. This communication is necessary for us to keep track of items in your shopping cart. "Session" cookies are often confused with "cookies", despite the similarity in name, these are different things.

Why are session cookies not allowed on my computer?
Most often this is due to a setting done manually because "cookies" are considered to pose a threat to the security of your computer. Unlike "cookies" the "session cookies" is not a potential threat. Another reason could also be that a virus scanner blocked session cookies as an excessive precaution.

Can I allow session cookies and still feel secure?
Yes! By default, session cookies are allowed in all browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Session cookies do not constitute a threat to your computer.

Should I allow session cookies?
Absolutely! Turning off the session cookie means that you, in many cases, can not fully use the website's potential.