Why are bras in larger sizes so expensive?

Why are bras in larger sizes so expensive?
Image: Why are bras in larger sizes so expensive?

Many people have the reaction that large-size bras are "expensive", or at least more expensive than smaller counterparts. A bra in a larger size is a completely different product than a bra in e.g. US 34B / EU 75B. Larger bust need more substantial support due to it's weight.

Bras in larger sizes are constructed in a different way and made of much more durable materials. Each component is "upgraded". This includes the hook-and-eye closure on the back, stronger shoulder straps and more durable underwires. Finally, all the elastic bands must be made many times stronger.

Bras are the most complicated garments that we use. The larger the size, the more complicated they become.

The first space suits were sewn by bra seamstresses, on machines intended precisely for  bras.
Image: The first space suits were sewn by bra seamstresses, on machines intended precisely for bras.

Bras are so advanced that it was bra-seamstresses who sewed the first space suits. They were the only ones who were able to cope with the complexity of producing them. The sewing techniques, constructions and machines used were derived from bra manufacturing.

Do large bras really have to be made so different from smaller sizes?

Compare a fashion bag with an outdoor backpack. If you have to carry a lot and all day, a fashion bag will not be of much use. It does not help to make the fashion bag bigger. You have to have a different construction and other materials, with an outdoor backpack as a result.

It's a similar situation with bras. It's a bad idea to "just produce a larger bra". You have to change the construction and materials. Bras in smaller sizes are not bad, but they have lower requirements and are therefore cheaper.

Note that not all bras are "real" bras. There is a difference between tops that look like bras and real bras that give proper support.

Large fashion chains seldom sell larger sizes (G-cup and above), not even chains that claim to specialize in lingerie. Good bras are expensive to produce and big chains know this very well. A larger bra is a difficult product to mass produce. You simply cannot cut corners when making large bras.

Bra size is not a choice, unless you do surgery. Some women need bras in cup sizes that extend far beyond G and this is where we come into the picture. Right now we have sizes in A to S-cup!

It is possible to produce cheap bras in larger sizes but they will not be very good. They will quickly lose shape and thus their supporting ability. However, it is possible to buy very good and very affordable bras.

One way to push prices down is promotions. This focuses sales on a few products. The large resulting sale volumes mean that we can offer much better prices, but only on these particular promotional products!

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