Shipping delays due to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Shipping delays due to COVID-19
Image: Shipping delays due to COVID-19

Many countries have implemented stricter border controls due to COVID-19, which causes delays in international deliveries. We are aware of these delays. Every individual and every company is affected by this, not only us.

Many countries' customs are working with a much smaller workforce to limit potential spread of COVID-19. This will naturally cause delays. Obviously, we can't demand that a county prioritize our shipments.

The disruptions and delays vary and are individual for each shipment. Some deliveries are not affected at all. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to know in advance which shipments will be delayed.

It is the government authorities in each country that decide how fast, or how slow, the border control processes imports during COVID-19 pandemic. Once the shipment has entered the country, it is the postal services in each country that decide how fast they deliver to the client. We truly wish that we could force the shipping companies that deliver fast, but they are limited and restricted by the authorities as well.

The delivery delays differ in each country. So far, we have experiences delays from a few days to 30 or more days. This situation is frustrating, both for the client and for us, as neither we or the client can affect the shipping speed.

At the time of writing (July 30th, 2020) the countries with the most delays are France, Spain and Portugal. We ship from Sweden, which is part of the EU, but being within the EU does not help as each country have their own rules and regulations.

We wish we could affect the shipping speed. Unfortunately, we have no influence over this. We have asked all our shipping companies when disruptions will end. The general answer is that the "delays will end when the COVID-19 crisis is over".

The policies and regulations concerning COVID-19 can change at any time in any country. If you want to know more about the current situation please contact the customs in your country.

We hope that our clients understand this situation and the fact that COVID-19 is a problem that affect us all. We hope that all the disturbances will end as soon as possible.


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