Self adhesive bra Without tape

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Innovative self adhesive bra can be used indefinitely thanks to its clever design. The self adhesive bra has silicone on one side of the two cups and a soft fabric on the other. There are no straps or back to the bra.

To wear the self-adhesive bra, clean your skin thoroughly to remove any oils, creams, soap or lotions. Invert the cup so that the silicone side is facing out. Position the silicone side of the self adhesive bra over the breast in a comfortable position. Flip the edges of the bra into position to curve around your breast.

Thanks to your body heat and the nature of the silicone, the cup should stay in place and can even be adjusted to improve your cleavage. When both cups are in place, fasten the center clasp together and adjust the position of the bra and the shape of your cleavage. Once in place, the self adhesive bra will stay in position thanks to a non-slip design without tape or glue.

The self-adhesive bra can be pulled off at the end fo the night and handwashed in soapy warm water. Be sure to rinse the self-adhesive bra thoroughly to ensure a good stick the next time the self-adhesive bra is worn

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