Scotsman, costume set, faux fur, belt, scott pattern

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Scotsman costume is fun with a jacket kit and accessories. The jacket has a Chinese collar and buttons up the front. The sewn bands are patterned in silver along the collar, shoulders, hem and cuffs. The jacket has long sleeves as well. The kilt has a fringed edge and comes to the knee in a Scottish plaid.

A faux fur cuff is attached to the front of the kilt with a thin border of fringe and push button center. A swatch of plaid fabric is thrown over the shoulder in the Scotsman costume. The hat of the Scotsman costume includes a large beret-style cap with a pom-pom on top.

Knee high stockings are not included in Scotsman costume.

  • Type / style: Costume set
  • Character: Scotsman
  • Included: Jacket; scarf; cravat; hat; pouch; kilt
  • Not included: Socks
  • Attributes: Belt; faux fur
  • Pattern / color: Scott pattern

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