Comfort socks (unisex), cotton, gentle elastic band

Comfort socks (unisex), cotton, gentle elastic band is sold out or discontinued. Please visit Men's Socks for similar products.

The socks are sold in 3-pack. The price is for 3 pairs of socks.

HIGH comfort socks. Buy for yourself or someone you care about. The socks don’t restrict blood flow. The special elastic band sits comfortably against the skin without leaving any imprints. Stay in place and don't fall down. Why you will love these socks:
• perfect for long days
• more comfortable than "regular" socks
• do not restrict blood flow in feet
• do not leave imprints or marks on the skin
• recommended for diabetics
• high quality, made in Europe

Highly recommended for both women and men of any age!

The elastic band does not leave imprints on the skin and the socks are therefore highly recommended for diabetics and people with problematic blood circulation or sensitive to pressure, e.g. fibromyalgia.

The socks retain their shape and elasticity even after washing.

These are quality socks that cannot be compared to cheaper alternatives.

NOTE! These are not compression or support socks. These socks can be used as substitutes for regular socks.

Maybe the best socks you will ever have. =)

  • Quantity: 3-pack
  • Type / style: Comfort socks (unisex)
  • Health / hygiene: Does not restrict blood flow; does not leave marks or imprints on the skin
  • Fabric type: Cotton
  • Attributes: Gentle elastic band
  • Washing instructions: Machine wash 40°C / 105°F
  • Fabric specification: 80% cotton, 11% polyamide, 7% polypropylene, 2% elastane
  • Made in: Europe

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