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About Eva's Intimates

Text: Anders Ellqvist (EVAs Underkläder- Magazine 2011)

Eva Thongpool and Marcin Nowak's two young and successful entrepreneurs that with their hard work, great energy and a genuine interest in people have created one of the largest web shops for underwear.

It all started as a test, "Let's try if we can sell lingerie online". Marcin had knowledge of IT and marketing and became a specialist in search engine optimization. Eva came from jobs in trade and service and believed that "customer service and customer care can always be better."

When they started in early 2008 they had literally stock in their own closet. But it took not too long before they needed to expand and "come out of the closet," says Marcin, laughing at the memory of his own closet crammed with lingerie.

The demand for lingerie in different shapes, materials and even sizes were bigger than expected. The company has grown. New staff was hired and now it has an office and a large warehouse in Luleå.

What is the secret of success?

– There's really no secret. We work hard and have gained suppliers from all over the world to meet our customers' requirements and preferences. We are good at IT and search engine optimization. And we have a very good and understanding customer service which is the reason for many customers to come back to us and buy again, says Eva Thongpool.

She has a Thai surname. She came to Luleå as 13 year old and had to learn Swedish quickly and went to school. A new life in a new country very far from the Thai daily life.

Marcin Nowak has his roots in Poland. He grew up in Södertälje before he ended up at the University of Technology and eventually met Eva.

– I was so surprised that this tender Thai girl was so brave, Marcin says with a laugh.

They are careful to point out that Evas Lingerie is a serious company with a product stock that they can stand for and selected by themselves. There are clear limits for how ‘adult’ goods may be.

– We don't think it is strange that people want to have nice underwear. Regardless of size, gender, ethnicity or religion, says Marcin.

– We treat everyone with respect and stay open-minded. Adults can wear what they want, it's just fun with the variety, he adds.

Where are you heading with EVA's?

– It would be fun to have Swedish response to the American lingerie giant Victoria's Secret! They have certainly succeeded with their own tv-show and very nice clothes, says Eva. She tells us that a dream she has is to open her own shop for lingerie at some point in future.

Work on EVA's underwear takes them out into the world on various trips to meet suppliers and find new products that can be added to the already extensive range.

– Travelling is fun and something that interests us both. It's also where we often find new collections that we can offer to our customers. A place that we are watching a little extra is Los Angeles, reveals Marcin.

– The thing that pops up there is often a trend that also reaches us in Sweden.

So far is the female underwear which stands for the largest share of sales. On the web you can see EVA's current rating.

For boys and men, the range is more limited. But satin underwear and satin bathrobes are selling well and there are actually girdles and corsets for men that can make them look a little slimmer if necessary.

– We invest in good quality right through. Therefore, it sometimes might seem a bit expensive compared to the discount chains. But to shop on the web is different. From a customer's point of view it's really required that the clothes keep promises in our images and texts. And this is what we are very careful to deliver. We are careful to really help everyone. Take plenty of time and answer all kinds of questions!

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