Cookies - How Eva's Intimates uses cookies


In accordance to the laws of the European Union (EU) website visitors must be informed about the usage of “cookies” (short for “HTTP cookies”). Cookies are small computer files that are stored on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone etc). These cookies are used by a website to communicate properly with your device. This is a standard functionality for websites. uses cookies to keep track of the products in your cart and to check if you are logged in or not.


Our website uses remarketing which makes it possible to show more relevant information to our visitors. Among other things, this means that our visitors can be shown relevant ads from third parties such as Google and Facebook. These ads are shown on websites other than ours. The selection of the is based on which products and categories the visitor has viewed on our website. Third parties use cookies to enable this functionality. This is a common practice on the Internet.

You can disable the usage of cookies on your device. However, this will limit the functionality of our website. The process of disabling cookies varies between devices and browsers but is usually available in settings in your browser.

You can learn more about cookies on Wikipedia.