Premium Socks - Comfort, Wool and for Diabetics

When it comes to good socks, quality matters! However, for truly great ones you need to go beyond just high standards. Comfortable socks require soft high quality yarn, flat seems or be seamless to prevent chafing, non-restrictive cuffs to prevent restricting your blood flow, and keep your feet dry. All this is exactly what we offer! No nonsense, just great socks for both men and women, some of them with special attributes. These are our recommendations: If you are a diabetic or have sensitive feet choose socks with non-restrictive cuffs (these are commonly known as diabetic socks). If your feet are often cold or freezing choose lamb's wool. Normal wool is itchy but lamb's wool is softer and does not itch! For problems with odor or fungus choose bamboo. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial (bacteria make feet smell bad) and antifungal.