Exclusive longline bra with lace over bust and around neck

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Luxurious red lace bra with an elaborate and detailed design. The bra is crafted from a deep red, burgundy lace with a floral pattern with a mix of both bold and delicate elements.

The lace around the cups is intricately patterned with a variety of floral motifs. The flowers are richly embroidered, with petals layered to create a multi-dimensional effect. The leaves and stems are slender and gracefully interwoven between the floral designs, contributing to the overall delicate appearance of the lace. The edges of the lace feature a scalloped design, which adds a touch of softness and femininity to the garment.

The lower edge has a scalloped finish that continues down for a longline effect.

Transitioning from the cups to the neck, the lace extends into a high-neck halter style, which gracefully encircles the wearer's neck. This portion of the lace is just as richly detailed as the rest of the bra, with a symmetrical arrangement of flowers that culminate in a central, focal bloom directly at the front and center of the neckline. This central flower is the largest and most prominent of the lace motifs, serving as an elegant centerpiece. A true masterpiece!

The shoulder straps have been replaced with stretchable embroidery appliqués. These have no supporting ability, i.e. as strapless. The bra's support comes instead only from the bra band that goes around the torso.

The design is evenly balanced, which reinforces the feeling of luxury and quality.

Intended for the fashion-conscious woman who appreciates exceptional craftsmanship and design, regardless of price.

Made to order only!

  • Type / style: Exclusive bra
  • Cup padding: Bottom half padded
  • Underwire: With underwire (nickel free)
  • Cup type: Demi cup / half cup
  • Shoulder straps: Halterneck
  • Closure: Hook & eye closure
  • Fabric type: Lace
  • Attributes: Embroidery; lace collar
  • Sizes: A to F-cup
  • Washing instructions: Hand wash 30°C / 85°F
  • Made in: Europe