Female sports referee, teddy costume, open back, collar, keyhole, vertical stripes

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This teddy costume is the perfect way to add a bit of fun to any sports-themed event. The female sports referee cosplay includes a teddy and whistle, making it ideal for game day or Halloween festivities. The open back design features a collar with keyhole detail that adds an extra touch of style to this playful look.

The costume is adorned with vertical stripes in bright colors, giving it a classic sporty feel while also adding some modern flair. The lightweight fabric is breathable and comfortable, so you can enjoy your night out without feeling weighed down by the costume. It’s also easy to move around in thanks to its stretchy material.

Whether you're hosting a sports-themed party or attending one, you're guaranteed to get plenty of attention when you show up wearing this eye-catching ensemble. You can even pair it with other accessories like hats and gloves for an even more dramatic effect!

How to Dress as a Female Sports Referee for Your Next Event

Are you looking for the perfect costume for your next sports-themed event? If so, why not consider dressing as a female sports referee? Not only is this look sure to turn heads, but it can also be surprisingly easy and affordable to put together.

The foundation of any female sports referee costume should include the classic striped shirt, black pants, and whistle. You can find these items at any sporting goods store or online. To complete the look, add some fun accessories such as knee pads, sunglasses, and a hat with an official logo on it. For even more authenticity, you could also add in a clipboard or stopwatch.

If you want to take your female sports referee costume up a notch (or two), consider adding in an adorable teddy bear mascot! This is sure to draw lots of attention from guests at your event and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. To pull off this look effectively, try wearing matching colors between your outfit and the mascot’s clothing - think navy blue shirts with white stripes or red shorts with yellow accents.

To finish off your female sports referee costume perfectly, don’t forget about hair and makeup! Try styling your hair into two braids or pigtails that are pulled back away from your face - this will help keep pesky strands out of eyes during all those important calls you'll be making throughout the night! As far as makeup goes, opt for something simple yet bold like bright red lipstick paired with smoky eye shadow.

  • Type / style: Teddy costume
  • Character: Female sports referee
  • Included: Lingerie teddy; whistle
  • Attributes: Open back; collar; keyhole
  • Pattern / color: Vertical stripes
  • Fabric specification: 95% polyester, 5% elastane (a.k.a Spandex / Lycra)

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