Elegant bodystocking, small fishnet, shimmering dots, open crotch, long sleeves

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Intricate bodystocking to make you exude confidence and sexiness! (Buy it here.) This lingerie piece os made with sheer fishnet fabric with small loops, shimmering dots, and a flattering scoop neck. It features an open crotch design that's perfect for those special moments and long sleeves to ensure you look your best.

Here are some common questions and the answers about this garment.

What are bodystockings made of?

Bodystockings are typically made of a stretchy, sheer fabric such as nylon or spandex. They can also be made of other materials such as lace or fishnet.

How do I put on a bodystocking?

To put on a bodystocking, step into the leg openings and pull the garment up over your legs and torso. Make sure that the bodystocking is smoothed out and fits snugly against your skin.

Can bodystockings be worn as outerwear?

Bodystockings can be worn as outerwear, but they are typically worn as undergarments or lingerie. They can be worn with other clothing items such as dresses or skirts to add a layer of coverage or to create a seamless look.

What occasions are bodystockings appropriate for?

Bodystockings are commonly worn as lingerie for romantic occasions.

Are bodystockings available in plus sizes?

Yes, bodystockings are available in plus sizes for all body types.

What are the differences between tights, pantyhose, and bodystockings?

Tights are opaque and cover the legs and sometimes the waist, but not the torso. Pantyhose are similar to tights but are more sheer and cover the legs, waist, and torso. Bodystockings cover the legs, waist, and torso and are typically made of a stretchy, sheer fabric.

Are bodystockings comfortable to wear?

Bodystockings can be comfortable to wear, but it depends on the fit and material of the garment. It is important to select a bodystocking that is the correct size and made of a comfortable fabric.

Are bodystockings stretchy?

Yes, bodystockings are stretchy and are designed to fit snugly against the body.

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  • Type / style: Elegant bodystocking
  • Fabric type: Small fishnet
  • Attributes: Shimmering dots; open crotch; long sleeves
  • Fabric specification: 92% polyamide, 8% elastane (a.k.a Spandex / Lycra)

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